Pirates! - Eaglesoft crack, save game fix (C-64)

This version is identical to the Eaglesoft crack of Pirates!, except in that version, the game won't recognize disk side 1 after you've loaded a saved game, which means that you can't resume playing from a saved game. The fix is very simple: disk side 1 needs to have the disk id "p1". I don't know why no one else has uploaded a fix, so for your convenience, here it is.

(This is not an official release or anything, just something for you gamers out there who are as retarded as me, and still play C-64 games on real hardware now and then. If you're using an emulator, just use the snapshot function instead. Or play the Amiga/PC/Mac version.)

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UL-Tomten sa...

Recrack? Det är fan lågt, även för dig.

wv: ucf

puterman sa...

Och utan att ens länka på ett eget intro. Jag är fan sämst. :(

[wv: plampl]